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Wedding Photography for Trends for 2019

Posted by Susan Ring on August 23, 2018 9:40:25 AM EDT

Smile for the camera? Maybe not so much anymore. Just like the styles of wedding dresses have changed over the years, so has wedding photography. Here’s a look at 5 of the wedding photography trends we’re seeing in 2019.

Casual, Relaxed, and Candid

Many photographers capture the bride and groom as well as the wedding party as if they were shooting a documentary. That quirky expression, that awkward pose, that impromptu hug. It’s raw and it’s real. Even if it actually is posed, the photos look as if they were captured spur of the moment.


A Dramatic Background

A bride gazes toward the horizon as she stands upon the majestic cliffs above the waves, and lets the wind blow through her hair. Dramatic scenery is in. Close-ups of wedding cakes and floral bouquets have taken a back seat to settings featuring the stark contrasts, bold geometric shapes, and brilliant backgrounds.


Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Photo sessions often take the bride and groom away from mingling with their guests during the fun cocktail hour. So, many couples now opt to take photos sometime before the big day. They show the bride and groom doing what they enjoy together, or focusing on where the relationship first began such as a casual picnic in the park, or a kiss on the front steps. It’s about capturing what’s truly important and meaningful.


Do It With a Drone

Those looking for a unique view of the wedding party and ceremony can capture an aerial view using a drone. Videos and stills shot from a drone can capture a dramatic and interesting perspective not available in years past.


 Pose for a Professional

Many couples are asking their guests to put their phones away, and not to take their own photos during the ceremony. A professional, experienced wedding photographer knows what to anticipate at each moment, and can capture a beautiful story while the guests look on. Then later on the dance floor, guests can snap away freely.


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