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When to Send Invites for Them Wedding-Related Events

Posted by Stephanie Blanchard on June 19, 2019 1:49:59 PM EDT

Getting married is a special time in a person's life. Whether you're planning your wedding or hosting a celebration for someone important to you, there's a timeline to follow so everyone knows when and where they need to be.

In this post, we've included information on when to schedule the most common wedding events and timing the corresponding invites. Couples may choose to have all of the celebrations mentioned below, opt for a few of them, or just have a ceremony and reception. 


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Engagement Party

Couples sometimes celebrate their engagement with a party for close family and friends, especially if their nuptials are more than a year away. According to Martha Stewart Weddings, parents of the couple typically plan this event; one side hosts or both sides co-host.

  • When to host: 1 to 3 months after the engagement
  • When to send invites: 3 to 4 weeks before the party


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Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates

It's good etiquette to send wedding invitations out 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding or 12 weeks or more for a destination wedding. Save the dates aren't entirely necessary, but they help out-of-town guests plan for your wedding well in advance. The advance-notice cards are also helpful for sharing info about a destination wedding. Send your save the dates 4 months to 1 year before the wedding (the sooner the better for destination weddings).

Bridal Shower or Couples' Shower

Originally a ladies-only happening, nowadays a bridal shower may be a traditional affair or co-ed event. Anyone close to the couple can plan one, but it's still considered taboo for a couple to host one for themselves.

  • When to host: 2 to 4 months before the wedding
  • When to send invites: 4 to 6 weeks before the bridal shower

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Bachelor Party and Bachelorette Party

These get-togethers are usually thrown by the members of the bridal party and range the gamut from a night out to weekends away. Bachelor and bachelorette parties take place a week or more before the wedding. Of course, overnight trips require advanced planning.

  • When to host: At least 1 week before the wedding
  • When to send invites: 6 to 8 weeks before the event 

Wedding Party Luncheons

Martha tells us that, in the past, the bridal party would host separate bridesmaid and groomsmen luncheons. If choosing to have a luncheon for the bridal party(ies), today's couples often forgo tradition and treat their bridesmaids and groomsmen as a thank you.

  • When to host: Martha says that it usually takes place the weekend of the first major bridal event, which makes sense logistically for peoples' busy schedules.

Welcome Party

If you're inviting many out-of-town guests or having a destination wedding, you may consider having a cocktail party or casual event to welcome your guests.

  • When to host: 1 or 2 days before the wedding
  • When to send invites: 4 to 6 weeks before the wedding or include the information with your wedding invitations

Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal dinners are usually set for the evening before the wedding. The event is traditionally hosted by the groom's parents, but modern couples often host and pay for it. Invites are typically extended to close family and the bridal party. If you're planning a smaller destination wedding, you may consider inviting all of your guests to a rehearsal dinner.

  • When to send invites: 4 to 6 weeks before the wedding or include the information with your wedding invitations

After Party

Sometimes couples continue the wedding fun well into the night with an after party. All wedding guests are usually invited, but older folks may skip the late festivities.  

When to send invites: Send info out with wedding invitations

Post-Wedding Brunch

If you're having a destination wedding or one where you invite out-of-towners, you may consider hosting a casual brunch the day after your wedding as a courtesy to travelers.

  • When to send the invite: Formal invites aren't necessary. Spread the word verbally or in an e-invitation.

Need a Boston Venue for Your Wedding-Related Event?

If you're looking for a Boston venue for hosting a bridal shower, couples' shower, rehearsal dinner, or another pre-wedding event, we'd be delighted to accommodate you. Reserve a table for lunch or dinner before a bachelor or bachelorette party. You can also book a smaller party in our semi-private dining room in our restaurant or plan a larger event in one of our ballroom salons. The Venezia's staff is ready to make planning your event as stress-free as possible.

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