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Authentic Italian Dishes and Locally Sourced Food

Posted by Nick Dolan on June 25, 2018 7:20:41 PM EDT

If you’re like us, you favor locally grown foods over the conventionally produced selection found in grocery stores and many restaurants. Farmers markets and smaller producers are seeing a notable rise in popularity and it’s not hard to see why. Being able to speak with the person growing your food, and knowing that your purchase will support local families, is understandably more enjoyable than purchasing from a large chain grocer.


At Venezia, our Executive Chef, Gianni works with local farmers to ensure that our customers’ meals are made from local ingredients. This brings a local flavor to our dishes and allows our customers to support local farmers.


Buying Local Has Benefits

It is estimated that conventional fruits and vegetables in the United States travel roughly 1,500 miles from where they are grown to distributors warehouses. In order to survive this journey, those plants must be harvested before they ripen and sprayed with certain chemicals that prolong their shelf life. Buying locally sourced produce eliminates these problems. Small farms are more likely to use sustainable farming practices than conglomerates. Local farmers harvest closer to peak ripeness, which leads to richer flavors and more nutrients. They can also be delivered to a consumer in a much timelier manner, eliminating the need for preservatives. Overall, sustainably produced food is fresher, healthier, and tastes better. This is why we choose to use locally sourced ingredients at The Venezia, providing customers with a flavorful, healthy, and homegrown experience.


Enjoy an Italian Restaurant That’s Served Boston for Years

With these ingredients, we offer world-class Italian dishes with a local flare. Enjoy a New England favorites like Seafood Chowder, followed by our Italian classic: Capesante (Pan Seared Scallops drizzled with bacon and scallion aioli).

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