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Raise Your Glass This Mother's Day

Posted by Susan Ring on May 4, 2019 4:10:09 PM EDT

It was right after I graduated from college, and of course I thought of myself as a fully functioning, independent grown up. Classic work clothes filled my closets, colorful posters filled my walls, and the crammed schedule of an exploding social life filled my calendar. In the true spirit of my self-proclaimed maturity, I decided that I would take my mother to lunch for Mother's Day.

We met in the city and took the elevator up to an elegant, spacious restaurant at the top of a skyscraper. I can still picture her face, beaming with pride from ear to ear. I can still feel the soft, white napkin as I placed it on my lap, and hear the cool water coming from the ice-cold pitcher into my glass. I can still smell hints of oregano, tomato sauce, and garlic bread wafting throughout the room.

We raised our glasses and made a toast. "To You Mom," I said. "Here's to all the wonderful things you've done as my's to even the littlest things that I remember."

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We sipped our wine, devoured our meal, and chatted away about my childhood, her childhood, her mother, and her grandmother. Just about every other sentence began with, "...I remember."

I remember when you ... I remember that time we... do you remember when we...?

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While sitting at that table -- in that moment -- I so cherished being with my mother; the two of us enjoying a beautiful meal together. It was one of the best times I ever had with her.

These days, I go to Mother's Day lunch with my 2 grown daughters. We laugh, we sip wine, we reminisce. We talk about memories of their childhood, and I recall memories from my childhood, my mother, and my grandmother.

I had wonderful moments with my mom that day so long ago. She may no longer be here, but the memories I created that day will never leave me. They've helped me realize that life is truly all about moments that create memories. And with every Mother's Day celebration, I smile and imagine my mom raising her glass to mine and saying, in that reassuring way only a mother can..."Yes. I remember."


Join us this Mother's day at the Venezia as we raise our glasses in appreciation to Mothers - for all they have given and all that they have taught us.

Bring your family to dinner or brunch and feast your eyes on our spectacular view of the Boston Harbor. Our Elegant Brunch Buffet will be served in our Ballroom, along with a live performance by our pianist. If you'd like something more intimate, join us in the dining room. Chef Gianni Caruso will offer a special menu featuring his finest. 


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